Windows 10 Updates

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Some of our members at Kapiti SeniorNet have already installed the new Windows 10 operating system.

Microsoft introduced a new policy of automatic updating of W10 rather than leaving it to you to decide when and if to update as in the past, so each update is going to install whether you want it or not.

Protection for the user is of course the reason for the decision by Microsoft to ensure that every W10 OS is as bug free and secure as possible, but a buggy problem has arisen for some users overseas.


Last week a major update by the name of KB3081424 which was a cumulative update, i.e. incorporating all previous bug fixes, was released but failed to install properly. Normally Windows 10 would roll back or try to, which is standard procedure, but as the updates are automated and forced, W10 tried to reinstall it again after rebooting, and for some users that meant a never ending loop of updating and rebooting.

PicardA temporary fix is possible by making various changes to the Registry and then letting the update try again, but unless you are skilled enough it may be best to await the official fix from Microsoft comes out.

Which proves our advice to our members of not rushing in to installing Windows 10 just yet. It will undoubtedly be a significant step up, but there is no rush. If you have or are about to buy a new computer with W10 installed then it is nice to know that your current membership of Kapiti SeniorNet can help you to sort out such problems if they arise.

Happy computing.

3 thoughts on “Windows 10 Updates

  1. I have installed w10 and have a virus which needed $150.00 and a day without my computer to repair! The technician said it was the first he had encounted.
    Are Microsoft likely to accept any error?
    Kelvin Bremner

    • Kelvin,
      It is highly unlikely that the virus came from Microsoft’s Windows 10 Upgrade. I would suspect that it was on your PC prior to the upgrade. I can assure you that Microsoft would require an extraordinarily high level of proof that they delivered the virus before accepting any responsibility. I have never heard of this happening before and think it’s very unlikely in this case. I can only reiterate our constant advice to our members to have an up-to-date and fully supported anti-virus programme running on your PC at all times. There are plenty of free AV programs out there to choose from.

      • You’re quite right! The offending virus ante-dated the Windows download , so Windows 10 needed to be removed before the virus was eliminated, and then reinstalled.

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