Newsletter – June 2015

Term 3

The programme for Term 3 which starts on Monday 20th July, is now available right here on our website. You should be thinking now about which Courses you would like to take next Term

Course Enrolment Contact Change

Please note that Teresa will be overseas from 22 June to 7 August but she has arranged for Shona (ph 04 905 1643) to receive your enrolments

Subscriptions – Reminder

Please make sure that you membership is current.
If not please contact Veronica at (04) 298 1916

Open Days – 2nd and 4th July- 9.30 am to 2.00pm

A reminder to encourage your relatives and friends to come along to see what we do at SeniorNet , 200 Matai Road, Raumati Beach, and discuss the Courses they will enjoy.

Annual General Meeting – Wednesday 15th July

At 1.30 pm at the Learning Centre 200 Matai Road – Make a note in your diary 

Windows 10…..Coming Ready or Not!  Windows 10 Logo

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock somewhere, you’ll already know that Windows 10 is about to be released – July 29th to be precise. There’s no need to panic though because SeniorNet Kapiti will be right there beside you with helpful advice and guidance as you transition from Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 10. Microsoft will be giving everyone 12 months to upgrade for free so you won’t be under any pressure to migrate quickly. Right now, we would advise our members to sit on their hands for a month or two while our Tutors go through the migration themselves and work out what they think we need to share with you before you start. While we haven’t decided what form of course or workshop we’ll offer to members, you can be assured that we’ll provide our usual high quality, well informed advice for your consumption.

For now, our advice is “do nothing” and make sure you’re connected to our website where we’ll publish our early findings after 29 July. There are already two articles (click here and click here) for your reading pleasure and there will assuredly be many more before we’ve all moved over to the most eagerly awaited Operating System Upgrade in 20 years! And….if it’s any consolation, the general opinion of the people testing Windows 10 (and we have one right here in SeniorNet Kapiti) is that it’s a big improvement on Windows 8 (and Windows 7 too) and will be well worth making the move.

If you’re still running Windows XP or Windows Vista, there will be no upgrade path to Windows 10 for you! As your PC is not really secure on the Internet anymore, you should already be considering a new system. A nice portable laptop or even a super-portable tablet – why not come to a How Do I…? Workshop and discuss your options with one of our Tutors. We can’t make specific brand/model recommendations but we can help guide you to the most appropriate solution for your needs and of course, there are some very tasty discounts available for SeniorNet Members at our sponsor’s stores (esp Noel Leeming).

Happy Computing