Windows 10 Has Arrived… on your PC!

Windows 10 Taskbar IconMany of you will have already noticed a little white Windows icon (circled in red here) which appeared in the Notifications Area of your PC this morning (June 2nd 2015).

When you hover over the icon, a pop-up says “Get Windows 10” and if you are brave enough to click the icon, you’ll get the following screen…

Windows 10 Upgrade Page 1If you click on the > on the right-hand side you can read through 4 more screens promoting Windows 10.

Included on every page is the offer to “Reserve” your copy of Windows 10 when it’s formally released (July 29th) although it’s not yet clear what advantage a reservation will have. Reading the screens, I looks to me like you are just giving Microsoft permission to start downloading the 3Gb upgrade onto your hard drive in preparation for the upgrade itself!

Don’t be afraid to click the white icon on your PC, you won’t do any damage and you certainly won’t initiate a Windows 10 Upgrade!

At this point in time, I see little point in “reserving” your free copy of Windows 10 as it will be free for 12 months from July 29th 2015 to July 29th 2016 and you will have ample time to perform the upgrade when you feel comfortable about it. Sitting on your hands now will also give you a chance to read the ongoing advice from SeniorNet on the upgrade and attend any courses which may be offered.

Windows 10 LogoThe good news is that if the white icon has appeared on your PC today, you can be assured that a) you have a legal copy of Windows already and b) you are going to be offered a free upgrade to Windows 10 starting July 29th.

If you have any further questions on this or any other subject, why not come to the next Q&A at SeniorNet (18th June)