And now the scary stuff

One particular area of technology previously mentioned in the posts here on Kapiti SeniorNet is Robotics, not new I grant you, but with increasing impact on economics, way of life, productivity and employment.

The video following takes about 15 minutes to watch and the narrator speaks quite fast and in the end you may think it won’t affect you at our age, but I read to-day that even driverless cars are expected here within 2 years.

Changes are afoot.


Makes you think, eh?

1 thought on “And now the scary stuff

  1. Makes you think Eh. I spent most of my working life in sales and distribution, it was interesting to see that they were both big employers and what effect robots will have as they are introduced. As it shows in the video already in the supermarkets you can serve yourself. 20/30 years ago we were excited about new technology that is barcoding and scanning. Now looking back it seems rather primitive.

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