Windows 10 – Update

Windows-10Just a little update on the forthcoming Windows 10 operating system to replace Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and any earlier versions, with the difference that it is a free upgrade for W7 and upwards, but not for earlier versions.

Windows 10 will come in 6 different editions, i.e. Windows Home, Pro., Enterprise, Mobile and Mobile Enterprise as well as the Student/Education edition.

So if you have a legitimate version of Windows 7 Home installed then your upgrade will be to W10 Home and if you use W7 Pro then the upgrade is to W10 Pro. However, if you have Home Premium  and Ultimate versions then it looks like the upgrade is to ‘Home’ and ‘Pro’ respectively, as Premium and Ultimate disappear. Whether this means a slightly lower functionality is not clear as yet, but most likely the offered W10 will boost functionality to match the differences.

For Mobile users similarly the choice is reduced to the one iteration: ‘W10 Mobile’

Guessing at the date for the unveiling pundits are suggesting last week of July so August could be busy with lots of updating going on.

It is likely that the ever helpful Kapiti SeniorNet could put on a Q&A session for Updaters to ask questions or seeking help with their upgrade, meanwhile check here regularly for more news.