Kuini: Still going strong at SeniorNet

March 2014 marked the closure of the Waikanae/Otaki SeniorNet Inc and the beginning of another chapter in my life. Waikanae/Otaki merged into SeniorNet Kapiti and membership was automatically transferred to Kapiti.

Matenga Train Leaves Waikanae StationIn the weeks leading up to the closure, I was asked on several occasions if I was considering staying with Kapiti SeniorNet. My standard reply was….”I don’t know how to get there – I don’t drive!” To be quite frank, I convinced myself that commuting from Waikanae to Raumati Beach via public transport was definitely not on my agenda. I got tired just thinking about it.

As President of Waikanae/Otaki I was invited to attend the Executive Committee’s monthly meetings as an observer to familiarise myself with the Kapiti organisation. I liked what I saw, decided to stay and now I’m on the Executive Committee as Tutor Co-ordinator. I’ve also acted as an Assistant Tutor on several Courses and even enrolled as a student on two more to improve my skills.

Recently a prospective student from Waikanae called me to find out how she could get to SeniorNet in Raumati Beach. She wasn’t a Member and hadn’t yet enrolled for a Course. I visited her – armed with membership and enrolment forms. Later I accompanied her via public transport to The Learning Centre in Matai Rd so she could set up her iPad for the iPad Basics Course and connected her up with another Waikanae student enrolled in the same Course.

Friends ask me – “ what are you doing these days?”… I just say – “helping old people like me to learn and enjoy technology”.

I’m enjoying my involvement at SeniorNet Kapiti and I’m grateful to those members who provide transport for me to Meetings, Courses and Workshops. Thank you all for your support and encouragement…I’m glad I stuck with it!

Kuini Woolcock
Tutor Co-ordinator (and Kapiti Public Transport Expert!)