Windows 8.1–Ups and downs

update1The service pack ‘Update 1’ available for Windows 8 in the 32bit build contains security updates and some performance improvements, but most obvious are the changes to the interface which you’ll notice when booting up to the desktop by default.

There are new buttons for ‘Power’ and for ‘Search’ and the start screen has a new context menu which pops up when you right-click a tile on the screen, and the context menu includes

items which previously were to be found on the App bar. Moreover, you can now pin any app to the taskbar for easy access.

There are also some other access changes, but nothing too dramatically different from Windows 8 version though the added usefulness of the mouse when switching to an app is that you can move the cursor to the screen top and a title bar shows the well known ‘minimize’ and ‘maximize’ buttons on the right and now also ‘split left’ and ‘split right’ to the left. So some nice tweaks have been added.

That was the upside, regrettably there is also a downside.

The Windows 8.1 Update was released last month and at that time Microsoft warned users that to get the next patch weekly updates or any emergency security fixes they had to install this Update 1.Windows 8.1 BSOD

But users reported problems with the installation complaining that the update did not install and instead they got a list of errors.

Microsoft has responded that they have extended the deadline for installing the update till June 10 meaning that in the meantime you’d still get security fixes even if you haven’t yet installed the update 1.

For the users having trouble with the update Microsoft refers to an article that addresses one of the errors and also to the Windows Community forums. It seems clear from the forums that many users reached a high degree of frustration trying to install the update.

If you  run Windows 8.1 be sure to update your device and if you run into problems of the kind described above and cannot solve the issue I trust that you are a current member of Kapiti SeniorNet where you can get assistance.

Happy Computing.

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