Is technology running too fast?

Einstein quoteIt is a fact that the technological development has never been faster than it is now, yet the same has been said by every generation since the industrial revolution and every generation has been correct for the development has been faster each time.

Is it a bit of a nightmare? Has the cost to our society become clear to us? Do you have problems following the development or is it now left to an uberclass of technological experts whilst it is over the heads of the rest of us?

The technological development follows an ever steeper curve, not surprisingly really because every new invention opens up a string of new ones and each one of those opens up yet another lot. Not forgetting that with each new one the cost comes down leading to sound reasoning for using new technologies, which in turn drives the development and the speed of change.

It stands to reason that the acceleration will continue for we humans are by nature curious Time-Singularity-Curveand inventive. The problem is whether we as a species can keep up with the very changes we ourselves have created. Perhaps a generation is insufficient to absorb and master our own creations.

Of course we love our technology, just look at all the stuff we invest in for the home or the job with the excuse that it will make our life so much easier, faster, more fun, or it will save money, improve competition, make us look modern or whatever your excuse is.4 generations of iphone

Those of us who can still remember sitting around a wood fire in the open toasting something, chatting and enjoying the look of the night sky [fancy that was only one generation ago] rather than watching on our latest digital equipment yet another fish being smoked or vile people cooking vile food like they did in the stone age may wonder if that is just a new way of slowing down, dreaming ourselves away from the technological reality.

At this point I should mention that this is not just a senior thing, in fact the young people are overrepresented in the wishing stakes of holding on to the older systems, regrettably we see the figures for suicides and attempted ditto among the young from stress and difficulties in coming to terms with life as it is, as a reminder to society. The digitizing of society is now in the hands of the knowledge élite and one should ponder whether the level it has reached has gone beyond the understanding of those without a PC or other device or without an acceptable educational standard.

I wonder what my mother would make of having to do her Income tax return on-line, the impossible phone set-ups when calling Government offices and too many Corporates, let alone paying bills on-line if  a younger person weren’t able to help her. What the digitizing has meant is alienation for quite a lot of people and the future will favour the technologically savvy.Maxine

Most of us will try to hang in there as best we can and most will be successful as long as you find time to also relax with the digital view of today’s equivalent of the campfire, be it smoking a fish or watching a stone age feed. Some will give up the race and they won’t get back in, the faster this train goes the harder it is to jump back in.

To help you hang in there is Kapiti SeniorNet, a great place to keep up with the changes in an easy way and at a low cost. Do it the fun way among friendly people, you too can become an expert.

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2 thoughts on “Is technology running too fast?

  1. Any tool can be used for good or evil. The internet and mobile phones have brought the world to both rich and poor, and exposed corruption. If we are not sufficiently wise to make good use of the new technologies we have only ourselves to blame. But help is at hand! Its now so easy to share our concerns with anyone who is interested, and to be selective, and to be positive and pro-active. I feel we are less likely to become stuck in any of the available thinking and feeling ruts, when information is so freely available. One has only to ask – someone out there has the answer!

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