Social Media changes we can expect to see this year

like us on FJust as our horizons for computers and tablets have been stretched during the past year with the changing technology trends, you can expect to see changes for Social Media.

The implications for our members interested in easy ways to keeping the finger on the pulse is

that Social Media is no longer an option, it is becoming a must. Business, of course, has little choice since the public expects them to have a presence and from the point of view of a business the integration into their marketing is well under way.

Another change is the growth in mobile traffic, more and more people acquire the socalled smartphones, i.e. connected to the internet, so businesses as well as SeniorNets need websites that work on both the desktop computer and the mobiles, be they tablets or smartphones.

Facebook logo Español: Logotipo de Facebook Fr...When we get our heads around this Social Media thing we find that there are more than Facebook out there, there is Twitter for the brief Twitter sentences, and Instagram for the photos and there is Google + , and the
Google+ images are becoming top content and have the widest reach of any on Social Media.

Let’s not forget video, users upload their videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, Instagram and Google+ and they are popular for getting messages across and will increase in popularity.Español: Logo Vectorial de YouTube

You, dear Kapiti SeniorNet reader, have certainly heard about YouTube for one, and most likely you have watched a number of videos or played some of the thousands of music videos, all uploaded for your enjoyment or edification. There are also podcasts to be played and their number will grow likewise. Their advantage is that you can listen and work on something else at the same time, and claim that you are multi-tasking.

Even Kapiti SeniorNet has succumbed and joined Facebook, do go there and take a look, and if you like the page please ‘like’ it by clicking on the ‘Like’ icon. We need all the likes we can get to help spread the word about SeniorNet.

Happy computing.

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