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Teaching with Technology @ The FIC

Teaching with Technology @ The FIC (Photo credit: Richard Cawood)

SeniorNet Kapiti has been in the business of helping many hundreds of Senior Citizens to master technology of one kind or another since 1997, but technology has changed at an ever increasing rate of knots.

For many years the true and tested method of tutoring learners remained fairly constant ultimately resulting in tutors being swamped by new software, updates and new types of operating systems at great rapidity, making the business of maintaining manuals up-to-date and tutors’ knowledge level ditto  a significant challenge to Kapiti SeniorNet’s continued existence.

It was time to bite the apple, or Windows, getting organized to deal with instant obsolescence, updating the teaching technology and teaching methods, and at the same time bringing tutors up to speed with the tools available to ensure a much better learning experience for the students and better retention of material.

Only 2 years ago everything changed, but looking back now the results are there for everyone to enjoy. The new technology has become more than a tool, it is now a standard and a matter of credibility. Because the changes are ongoing no one can sit back and expect no further change, and as our community come to the Senior age with more knowledge of computing and communication devices the challenges continue.

Google-Logo-ElmoWe have reached a point where e.g. the just 15 year old Google has become a beacon of search engines, able to deliver amazing and enormous volumes of information in a flash from its hive of computer storage around the world. Where we now have Android tablets and smartphones using the Google operating system as the now most sold type in addition to the Apple and Windows and others’ systems that powers our channels of communication and interaction. All in 15 years.

SeniorNet Kapiti with its pretty cool tutors, also seniors, keeping abreast of all these developments and teaching their students [also seniors] how to make the most of the great gadgets and how to enjoy their investments to the fullest still look to the future and prepare for the next wave, knowing full well that it may offer new surprises and diverse learning forms.

Seniors Week 2011

For the seniors in our community it is a great opportunity to catch up with the grandchildren by keeping active and au fait with what’s going on in the world of technology.

Do check out the course and workshop programmes above, fear not being new to any of this, you may not end up an Einstein but you will have the opportunity to get more out of life and enjoy it to the fullest.

Happy Computing.

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