From Hotmail to Outlook

Windows Live Hotmail Logo

It is all but a fait-accompli as Microsoft has completed the move of all Hotmail users to the revamped Outlook web-mail, so if you are entering in your browser’s address bar you are automatically redirected to

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It has been quite an exercise to move 300 million accounts in the 6 weeks since it started and it wasn’t without a few headaches to the both users and to Microsoft, but given the magnitude of the project and the challenges it presented, plus keeping in touch with hundreds of millions of people affected, one has to say that it went quite well.

All the mailboxes were upgraded [=more than 150 million gigabytes of data], and every person’s mail, calendar, contacts information, folders, personal preferences had to be preserved, and if that wasn’t enough it had to be done with a live site experience that was handling billions of transactions a day.

The Hotmail addresses  – and if you are using mobile access also – these settings still work within, but otherwise it is the end of the now 17 years old Hotmail web service.


Those of you already into will have noted also the deeper integration with SkyDrive and its cloud storage.

It might all sound a bit confusing so if you’ll like to know more talk to SeniorNet Kapiti or roll up for a Q & A session with your questions. Check out the next one here.