The smart-watches are coming

Or are they already here? What we used to call a smart watch has been around for a long time, you remember this kind of watchWIMM One watch

and then the digital watches went out of fashion, it was back to the old analogue type watch face together with Dick Tracy and his wrist microphone.

They were followed by

CalculatorWatchthe calculator watches, but they never really took off, and in the movies the spies switched to mobile phones for a while, though now they are back to the wrist mic and one presumes a receiver in the ear for communication, and soon now we can all do away with our computers as long as we have a smart-watch on the wrist.

Well, not quite and so fast, there are an array of smart-watches on the market by many makers including Sony and Samsung,  with LG and Apple following and the latest to be rumoured is Google, perhaps not enough for Google to be preparing the Google Glasses to make us tech dependant.
Fossil Wrist Watch    Samsung watchsWaP2SWAP watch SONY2 watchsmartwatch

The ‘smart’ in smart-watch implies that it can do some smart things apart from telling the time; in the case of smartphones for example the actual phone part is tiny compared with all the other functions available.

The thing is though, wearing a timepiece on your wrist is one thing, wearing a larger piece of equipment to be able to do apple watch maybethe Dick Tracy trick may be less appealing and make you revert to your phone, and squinting at a small screen to read your mail may fall short of your idea of practicality, even if you are keen to be ‘wired’.

So what do you think?, is the smart-watch a goer and could you see yourself using one? Feel free to join the conversation below.

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