Newsletter – February 2013


The response to our two Open Days on Thursday 14th and Saturday 16th was fantastic. Thanks to those Tutors and Committee Members who gave of their time on both days to greet prospective members as they arrived and then go about explaining  to them the various courses available to suit their needs. Lois, Lois and Margaret were kept busy all day accepting membership and course fees.

This excellent response to our promotion of our Open Days really bought home to us

that there are still many seniors in our district who have recognised that they need to keep themselves up to date with the ever-changing technology and how much is now required to be done using computers.

In many ways by using your computer you can save yourself money by doing everything online-shoppingon-line. During the last year computer technology have moved so quickly that most of us are still trying to catch up, so don’t feel bad if this is you too, just contact us here  as classes have commenced for the first term and are now filling.

 We still need more Tutors to help with the Courses. All of our current Tutors will tell you that they too are always learning as they teach. Think about how you can contribute as a Tutor. We will help you with well-prepared Course teaching material, so come along as this is a great way to keep up with the latest technology.

Contact Lois Brinck  ph 04 298 7797.

ipad3 If you have just received or purchased a tablet (iPad, Samsung etc.) then you need to contact us urgently as workshops are now being made up to help you getting the best from the latest user friendly devices.

Email or ring Lois 04 904 7558.

 If you have the new Windows 8 on your new computer and are having a few problems sorting things out, or just finding programs, then do let us know as we are preparing to run a workshop which will help you out.  

Happy computing!

The Editor Bazza.