Newsletter – January 2013

What an exciting year computer wise this is going to be. Get in early to one of the classes to be sure that you are keeping up with the latest technology. Register at because classes start early in February.

English: A medal to recognize good tutors

English: A medal to recognize good tutors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We are hoping to encourage more of

our members to join the Tutors group. The expected response when members are asked if they would like to help is: “I don’t know enough”, or “Oh, no, I couldn’t”. Most of we Tutors began where YOU are now — comfortable with the skills you have — but there is ALWAYS potential in every computer user to move a little further, and of course you learn as you go!

If you have BASIC computer knowledge, enjoy what you do, and like working with and helping others, then you are just the right sort of person.

DO NOT feel that you are not good enough, or have insufficient knowledge, as you are guaranteed to learn as you go. Think of it as “assisting”, which is actually what you will be doing! Sitting with another person and talking through the processes is often a time when you solve a problem for yourself – two heads are better than one!
 So PLEASE give it a “go”.

If it is not for you, well – so be it!   However until you try it you will not be able to appreciate the mutual benefits which come from tutoring!
Contact me Lois Brink on email: or ph. 298 7797.

Now, if You have just bought – or are thinking of buying a new Windows PC, then you are going to want to know all about Windows 8. NO PROBLEM. surface_pro
Just Enrol in the ‘Managing the Data on your PC’ course which commences on 18 February.  To enrol call Lois on (04) 904 7558 or leave a message on (04) 299 0754.

Maybe it was a tablet that you got for Christmas, maybe an  iPad, a Samsung or one of the many other makes. Let us know and we will be there to help you with all aspects of your tablet. The first iPad session will start on the 11 Feb. Make sure you bring your tablet along with you.
office computersOther courses starting in early February are: Introduction To Computers (Beginners), Keyboarding, What can I do on my PC, Using the Internet, Email, Managing and Editing your Photos and Using Word successfully. Email or ring Lois [04] 904 7558 to enrol. 
Q & A (Question & Answer) sessions are very popular. The next one is on Thursday 21st February at 9.30am come along with your queries.

Learn something new each time you go to Q & A and to the How Do I…? sessions.
Marketing Day is held at Coastlands on 12th Feb., and Open days at the Learning Centre, 200 Matai Road on the 14th and 16th Feb. Make sure you mark the date on your calender and come along to say hello, join in the fun and register for one of the courses.
The Editor, Bazza.