Microsoft’s ‘Surface Pro’ Tablet finally emerging

surface_proYou may remember that Microsoft came out with their long awaited tablet ‘Surface’ back in October and it was thought to be the answer to our dreams, a tablet that would provide the cross over from phone to tablet to Pc using identical operating system. Well that was the idea, but

Microsoft came out with the so-called RT operating system, good enough admittedly to run a tablet but not fully compatible with phone and PC.

They then promised the Pro version with full Windows 8 OS, the Hero version, that finally would reinvent computing, and it is now ready. The Pro version is significant because you can now use regular PC applications and it will open older applications and do all the things you do on your PC, like a smaller version of your PC.

It’ll connect to monitors and will output at 1080p resolutions and Bluetooth and USB3 peripherals may be added, e.g. mouse or keyboard or external hard drives.

The design looks great and the display [1080 IPS 10.6”] is excellent for what one might describe as a small computer rather than a tablet. Even the multitouch is smooth, just what made the Apple range so much fun to use.SurfaceProPen

There is also a pressure-sensitive stylus, the ‘Surface Pen Pro’ which magnetically attaches to the power connector when not in use or on the go, and when in us the palm rejection is activated.

The ‘Surface Pro’ is not cheap and probably a little more expensive than a small Windows8 ultra-book of that size with touch screen.

So now it is about to enter the foray of tablets and hybrid and/or convertible laptops to test its mettle and it may come down to whether this new full featured tablet can replace a computer. If the answer is yes then the Surface Pro will have justified its pricetag and may yet prove that it is indeed the Hero version.