Choosing your web-browser ~ Modern, Safe, Fast, and Free

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“Choosing your web-browser ~ Modern, Safe, Fast, and Free. Gain more web-browsing satisfaction from your modern, safe, fast, and free, web-browser in-use and experience your on-line life-style in high fidelity ~ the way technology means for you to thrive on the world-wide-web.”

“Cloud-filled the future is.” Yup, and you are emphatically reminded ~ Personal cloud computing is here and now. Your desktop operating system is no longer as important. Really? Yes, really. Windows, Mac, Linux, and the ‘rest’, matter less and less. You spend your virtual days, on-line, in the familiar surrounds of your favoured web-browser (of the moment). You are living your digital life and times on the web. And you may not see your PC desktop until the next day or at all. Make your peace with your desktop, love your web-browser(s), and thrive. More about personal cloud computing gains in Cloud babble.

Hah, the irony isn’t lost on us either ~ you’re using a web-browser, right now, to read about choosing your web-browser. LOL.

Let’s bust a move on BBC and get some simple answers to confusing asks, like “What are web-browsers, and what do they do?” and watch Internet Basics – Your Internet browser and then tuck in to Using a browser (all 17 easy video lessons). Nice.

And, yup, we know you know the difference between the Internet (and not Internets) and the web = Internet web-browser.

Modern is a deliberate word choice, by me, to openly appeal to ‘generations’ of Internet users ~ all of whom may be cerfing the web presently and in the now. By modern web-browser we do mean up-to-date (and up-to-the-minute), free, modern, web-browsing software giving you the latest web experience and here, in high fidelity, in safety, and at speed on your device operating system.

The time-line of web-browsers (vertical chart )(horizontal chart)(animated horizontal chart) reveals the latest, (major), modern, web-browser iterations, origins and statuses.

While you may choose one or more, free, modern, web-browsers for use on your device operating system, desktop PC owners have the greater choice among web-browsers. And we make deliberate mention of ‘the gang of five’, Windows Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera browser, and Apple Safari, while many other web-browsers are available and may equally appeal to you ~ 10 web-browsers you probably haven’t heard of. Use one or use ’em all. You may indeed please yourself. And I do with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Currently, Chrome is favoured, not exclusively, but, yes, most in-use, now ~ for them free Google service and products.

Browse Happy, online, worry-free.

Choosing or choosing need not be hard. Use one, then another, and so on. Re-settle as you will. Just be sure you personally choose your web-browser(s) of the moment and assume command and control of your chosen web-browser(s) ~ because, nowadays, it’s all about you and your personal best achievable web experience.

You may want to further advantage yourself by looking-over relevant, measured, web-browser outcomes ~ modernity, safety, speed, extensibility, and so on. Yup, a world of web-browser goodness awaits you. Worth-your-while? Over to you. Asking me? Come.

The Current State Of HTML5 ☛ Click or touch for the Infographic expansion available @

HTML5 is the latest revision of the standards that make the web work today. Beginning all the way back in 1980 with Tim Berners-Lee and the birth of the modern Internet as we know it. Berners-Lee proposed a hypertext system, and, by 1990 ended up creating the first version of HTML (the Hyper Text Markup Language). In 1991 the first 20 elements were released, and formed the early standardisation of Internet web-pages that still continues today (13 of the first 20 elements still exist in HTML4). 2010 saw the most recent ‘jump’ in the web standards, with the first draft of HTML5, including the advanced ‘canvas’ feature, which allows for dynamic, (2D) shapes and (bitmap) images, online interactivity. ‘Canvas’ was heralded by many as the replacement for the aging Flash, but how far has use of HTML5 and ‘canvas’ come over the past 2 years?” And here’s a little more info about the above-mentioned, competing, MP4 and WebM audio video formats, measuring around 50%/50% adoption among modern web-browsers. Mean-while, MP4 use dominates on the web and mobile. And finally, the state of HTML5 video.
More about HTML5 at

Comparing web-browser layout engines.

From under the red-hot grill of web-sphere and media attention you will discover that your web-browser choice may indeed be improved upon, in whole or part ~ and to your immediate web-browsing satisfaction. My father often says “We no longer live in an age of ‘Survival of the fittest. We now live in the age of ‘Survival of the fastest.” Speed matters. Don’t settle for the ‘world-wide-wait’. Go get the fastest modern web-browser you can use and truly experience the modern world-wide-web.

A Better Browser. For Security. For Compatibility, For Humanity.

Still don’t care? Feel free to skip the drama and carry-on with your web-browser in-use ~ whatever that may be. OK by me. But maybe too, web-browsing, bad for you.

So why not do yourself a big favour and squeeze the most out of your web-browser and web-browsing experience. ‘Shotgun’ with me now as we ‘drive-by’ the ‘web-marks’ for the good-oil on your web-browser(s) to be. And do keep an open mind ~ changing ‘horses for courses’ is normal acceptable web-surfing behaviour ~ Change your default web-browserHow to change your default web-browser, How to change default web-browser (or make Firefox/Chrome/IE the default web-browser) and How to make Safari or Opera as your default web-browser. More power to you, digital web-form 🙂

Let’s ‘cruise’ some long opinions and short facts from the web-sphere about web-browser(s) and web-browsing. Loves and loathes, cans and can’ts, best and worst, latest and greatest, and that kinda thing. Read on for the ‘goss’ . . Windows web-browsers . . Mac web-browsers . . Linux web-browsers . .

Web-browser supporting resources populate the web ~ official, unofficial, specific and general. Come inform yourself. Let’s go.

Official web-browser support for the ‘the gang of four.

Unofficial web-browser and web-browsing assists, mainly, for the ‘the gang of five’.

Changing your mind any (about your web-browser in-use)? Get your personal cloud computing groove on and choose your web-browser(s) with purpose. Welcome to the ‘big picture’ where you champion your web ~ your way 🙂

Just before I go . . and now here is the news . .

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