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GIMP Written Tutorials and Linkage

Self-promoted as the Biggest Collection of GIMP tutorials and useful snippets @ with 1,106 manually added tutorials (40 web-pages) and counting. Opening from around mid-2006, you may experience some overlap from previous web-resource linkage already provided earlier. Able to be filtered by ‘Most Rated’ and ‘Most Viewed’. Yup, you could start here and work your way up the page (and then down).

More (resources, video, written and spoken): 6 Gimp video tutorials (@ GIMP graphics video tutorials (, 13 Mr Gimp is Here to Help! video tutorials(, 14 GIMP video tutorials (@ general info (@, GIMP Resources and Tutorials (including commentary and linkage @, Getting around in GIMP (@ Fantasy brushes (@, GIMP Brushes (@ and GIMP Texture-Brush Set2 (@ Forums (@ is also GIMPtricks (including 83 GIMP vids, and counting, @, GIMP Forums (@ Community (@, The GIMP Community (@ on OS X (@, and here’s a way to discover content that is similar to any website of interest to you, e.g A list of 50 sites similar to and (two of the largest GIMP supporting web-sites, referenced, earlier, above). And many more GIMP creative challenges and solutions remain discoverable on the web (@ Google search).

GIMP bundles and encourages additional features by optional extension. Plug-ins are available at the official GIMP Plugin Registry @ keeps an up-to-date downloadable collection of scripts @ that work in GIMP and there’s more GIMP scripts and plug-ins (including commentary and linkage @ GIMP plug-ins and scripts are able to be found around the web (@ Google search).

2nd mention: The official GIMP User Manual is on-line @ and official GIMP documentation including the GIMP User Manual downloadable @ too. Unofficial, hard copy books and digital copy eBooks are available to buy for your personal study and application (e.g. GIMP for Absolute Beginners, published April 25, 2012, and available @ ~ yup, released just a few shorts days ago at time of posting). More GIMP eBooks @ Or you can stay on-line and use, unofficial, free (like GIMP) web-resources, e.g. Wikibooks ~ GIMP @ and older Grokking the GIMP (including linkage to online browser-readable and downloadable ‘Grokking the GIMP’ book @ and linkage to paid hard copy @

GIMP shortcuts PDF cheatsheet @ (download passwordmakeuseof)

Click or Press to get the GIMP Keyboard Shortcuts PDF Cheatsheet @

Click or Press to get the GIMP Keyboard Shortcuts PDF Cheatsheet @ (download password: makeuseof)

GIMP is also able to use input devices like tablets.

GIMP tutorial: Beginners’ Guide to Preferences – Input devices and controllers (1m:55s):

All about Wacom tablets @ And here’s a photo editor newbie kit @ you could use with GIMP to fully outfit your image manipulation lifestyle. [Amazon lists from].

Yup, sink your teeth into that mass collection of GIMP goodness and begin creating your own self-satisfying digital imagery. GIMP is on a roll these days. Looking forward to more rapid improvements underneath and on-top. GIMP is your oyster. Exciting huh. 🙂

Thinking of making the jump to GIMP from Photoshop (video below @

Graphics by GIMP
Disclosure: I use GIMP (2.6.10). GIMP is the desktop application software used to prepare all my story images. Yup, those images at the top of my stories and in the body of my stories. Yup, GIMP is me. Nope, don’t use any other image manipulation program ~ never have. So, nope, dunno what I’m truly missing ~ if anything. Yup, saved myself a bundle of dollars and, for sure, choked on a few GIMP bones along the journey too. GIMP is seriously cool software, and free, for motivated users. Be inspired, practice, and harvest the deep GIMP goodness. Yes, you too can become a GIMP pro and create seriously cool images.

Congratulations intrepid reader! You made the end of the story. Hopefully, your interest in the GIMP is further served with these forty (i.e. 40) unique GIMP high quality tutorials prepared by Michael J Hammel between March 2003 and April 2006 and originally published in Linux Format magazine (remember GIMP is supported across many operating systems including Linux). Helpful? You bet. Enjoy 🙂

View on-line in your favourite web-browser and download, as you may choose.

  1. LFX38.tut_GIMP.pdf (Art and Image Editing ☛ The GIMP User Environment)
  2. LFX39.tut_GIMP.pdf (Art and Image Editing ☛ GIMP texture magic)
  3. LFX40.tut_GIMP.pdf (Non-destructive Editing ☛ The GIMP Layer Masks)
  4. LFX41.tut_GIMP.pdf (Non-destructive Editing ☛ Blend modes)
  5. LFX42.tut_GIMP.pdf (Improve Your Photos ☛ Subtle Changes)
  6. LFX43.tut_GIMP.pdf (Image Editing ☛ GIMP Selections)
  7. LFX44.tut_GIMP.pdf (Image Editing ☛ Integrating Text)
  8. LFX45.tut_GIMP.pdf (Skinning with the GIMP ☛ Multimedia interfaces)
  9. LFX46.tut_GIMP.pdf (Image Editing ☛ GIMP photo restoration)
  10. LFX47.tut_GIMP.pdf (Image Editing ☛ Custom patterns and brushes)
  11. LFX48.tut_GIMP.pdf (Creating Perspective ☛ Playing with shadows – adding depth to 2D mages)
  12. LFX49.tut_GIMP.pdf (Photo Editing ☛ Filter Fantasies: Part 1)
  13. LFX50.tut_GIMP.pdf (Photo Editing ☛ Filter Fantasies: Part 2)
  14. LFX51.tut_GIMP.pdf (Digitising Images ☛ Scanning success)
  15. LFX52.tut_GIMP.pdf (Image Construction ☛ 3D Design with The GIMP)
  16. LFX53.tut_GIMP.pdf (New Version Update ☛ The GIMP 2.0 Preview)
  17. LFX54.tut_GIMP.pdf (GIMP Programming ☛ Writing GIMP Plug-ins in Perl: Part 1)
  18. LFX55.tut_GIMP.pdf (GIMP Programming ☛ Writing GIMP Plug-ins in Perl: Part 2)
  19. LFX56.tut_GIMP.pdf (Layout and Illustration ☛ Inkspace Greetings)
  20. LFX57.tut_GIMP.pdf (Bezier Curves ☛ Working with Beezers)
  21. LFX58.tut_GIMP.pdf (Greetings Card Design ☛ The art of colourizing clip art)
  22. LFX59.tut_GIMP.pdf (Images for Web ☛ Building Flash animations with PHP and Ming)
  23. LFX60.tut_GIMP.pdf (Images for Web ☛ Building Flash animations with PHP and Ming: text effects)
  24. LFX61.tut_GIMP.pdf (Design an Image Gallery ☛ Gallery design using GIMP, PHP and CSS Part 1)
  25. LFX62.tut_GIMP.pdf (Design an Image Gallery ☛ Gallery design using GIMP, PHP and CSS Part 2)
  26. LFX63.tut_GIMP.pdf (Image Manipulation ☛ The Gimp: Photographic techniques)
  27. LFX64.tut_GIMP.pdf (Image Manipulation ☛ Mastering Gimp filters)
  28. LFX65.tut_GIMP.pdf (Image Generation ☛ Gimp: a change of weather)
  29. LFX66.tut_GIMP.pdf (Gimp Text Tools ☛ Warping text)
  30. LFX67.tut_GIMP.pdf (Illustration and Image Editing ☛ Gimp Shadows and reflections)
  31. LFX68.tut_GIMP.pdf (Illustration and Image Editing ☛ Gimp Transform humdrum images)
  32. LFX69.tut_GIMP.pdf (Illustration and Image Editing ☛ Gimp Work with transparency)
  33. LFX70.tut_GIMP.pdf (Illustration and Image Editing ☛ Gimp Fixing smiles)
  34. LFX71.tut_GIMP.pdf (Illustration and Image Editing ☛ Gimp Create a gel effect)
  35. LFX72.tut_GIMP.pdf (Illustration and Image Editing ☛ Gimp Create a metallic emblem)
  36. LFX73.tut_GIMP.pdf (Illustration and Image Editing ☛ Gimp Animated fractals)
  37. LFX75.tut_GIMP.pdf (Illustration and Image Editing ☛ Gimp Selection tools)
  38. LFX76.tut_GIMP.pdf (Illustration and Image Editing ☛ Gimp 3D package design)
  39. LFX77.tut_GIMP.pdf (Illustration and Image Editing ☛ Gimp Lighting effects)
  40. LFX78.tut_GIMP.pdf (Illustration and Image Editing ☛ Gimp Reflections in glass)

Listing is complete. LFX74.tut_GIMP.pdf doesn’t exist. All (40) are present and correct.

[ By the way and for the technically curious readers among you, GIMP is a raster graphics editor (explained, including linkage @ desktop application software. Yup, you can start right there and explore the technicals and specifics of computer image tech as far and wide as you want. You choose. Whether you do or do not, I guarantee GIMP will vibrate your graphics world. And to be thorough, there’s image editors (fun and serious) for the web (including commentary and linkage @ and a few (i.e. about two) that are genuinely useful (here’s another, previously unmentioned, and just -relaunched 06.’12, image editing web application to watch) ~ but none are able to match GIMP’s depth. ]

Lastly, for now, GIMP belongs to a wider FOSS ☛ Free Open Source Software (explained, including linkage @ community where complimentary free applications thrive, providing opportunity to gather and share and exchange, like they do at Libre Graphics Meeting (explained, including linkage @ and at the official Libre Graphics 2012 Meeting (web-site including linkage @

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