How I got into computing

Margaret Butterfield

Margaret Butterfield

In the mid nineties we bought our first computer – and it was all foreign to me.  I was a trained shorthand typist and just could not get my head around using the computer.

But by 1997 I decided to go to the local polytechnic to learn  the basics.  It opened up a whole new world for me.  Suddenly I was learning how to use a spreadsheet (Maths wasn’t my strong point), making calculations and creating charts.  I also learned to use the computer to create documents, produce tables, to draw, and so many other things.

I was one of the oldest in the class, but enjoyed being challenged.  Several years after working at the polytechnic, I started teaching computer skills for a lacomputer classrge training organisation.  I found this very rewarding and was able to extend my computer knowledge  to cover most of the Microsoft programs.

Since I retired I have become involved with SeniorNet as a tutor, and really enjoy being able to pass on my knowledge.

Don’t let age stop you from learning and being challenged to learn something new.  Being able to use the computer, surf the internet and learning what else the computer will do is so exciting.