Stepping up

Merry Christmas

We have covered a fair bit of ground these past months, and a variety of topics have been published here. We do hope you found something of interest to you as a member of SeniorNet Kapiti, it can at times be a bit dry and a bit technical, but always informative we hope.

With the Season of Goodwill upon us we not only wish you a wonderful Christmas, but also that the Goodwill extends right through the coming year.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to

comment on, or rate, our postings, that is a very important to us, partly because it helps us to know what you are interested in within computer and technology use, and partly because it tells us that you have taken the time to read the material we painstakingly collect and write for your benefit.snowmen pyramid

Thank you also to all our Course participants who took the opportunity to expand their computer skills and in many cases was welcomed into the cyber world for the first time.

It certainly can be daunting to start from scratch, but it does not take long before the use of a computer or a tablet computer seems quite natural, and as time goes by you wonder why you did not start a long while ago.

So much to experience on the WWW, and you’ll never be alone when you can surf the net, can e-mail or Skype, and follow the exchanges on Facebook and Twitter, all part of learning to communicate with, or keeping up with, the activities of friends and family wherever they may be. As they say: “Computing is not about computing anymore, it’s about living”.

English: New Year's Day postcard mailed in 190...Make your New Year’s resolution one that includes joining SeniorNet Kapiti, and if you are already a member then be sure to take up at least one new course in 2012.

For SeniorNet Kapiti the coming year will be an exciting one, we have experimented with interactive teaching methods and are developing courses along with new strategies to make learning easier, yet providing you with the solutions you seek, to reach a particular goal more quickly and more effectively.

The changing types of computing equipment and rapid changes to applications made our Tutors’ lives difficult, bearing in mind that all are volunteers freely giving their time to help others, so they too have to spend the time getting to know the ins and outs; Fortunately they are sterling people and many are now upskilling to be able to offer you valuable assistance when you come to learn.

You are of course aware that SeniorNet Kapiti is a registered charity, no one labouring here get paid, and SeniorNet Kapiti is also registered to allow for your donation to SeniorNet Kapiti Inc. to be  tax-deductible [in New Zealand] by the donor. Donations may be made by cheque, cash or direct credit to our bank a/c 06-0501-0746900-00 SeniorNet Kapiti Inc. at the National and poor unitedHave a great Christmas and a Happy New Year, see you in 2012.

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