Android or iOS – that’s the question

It is not becoming any easier to decide which of the prominent operating systems for the mobile phone one should go for. That is of course if you are in the throes of deciding on a new phone purchase.

Samsung Nexus

Samsung Nexus

When then you are faced with a name like ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ for the operating system you may wonder where they dig them up, or indeed if it has something to do with the age of those who make such decisions.

Up to now the Android operated phones used a different system to that of the Android tablets, but the latest system will now be used on both types and consequently face Apple’s iOS5, which itself was only unveiled earlier this month. The advantage of being able to use the same system is that developers of applications to run on these devices do not have to produce separate apps for each.

The first smartphone to have the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS is expected to be Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone, and if you have read the papers you’ll have noticed that Apple and Samsung have battled over the sales of the Galaxy 10.1 tablet in particular, with temporary restraints on sales in some countries being issued as a result of each maker accusing the other of patent infringements. Claims and counterclaims have been flying around for a while, mainly on looks and some functions.

Whatever the outcome, it is noted that Google’s Android software is getting close to 50% of the market against Apple’s iOS5 with approx. 20%, so I guess they watch each other like hawks to ensure their systems’ survival and primacy.

Meanwhile you are just trying to work out which phone to buy, and with almost daily changes, talking phones and now the latest update to the Android system where you can unlock your phone just by looking at it! – yes I know, what next? – rather you than me.

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