Chatting to your phone

Can we really put up with chatting to our phones?  Imagine walking along in town or on the beach and there you are talking to your phone, and no you haven’t gone barmy, although others may think so.

iPhone 4S

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But the new iPhone from Apple, the much hyped 4S now has the conversation built in. You can ask it questions on just about everything and in most cases get the right answer. It will also type your messages for you and send them and keep you up to date with much.

You may think it is a good thing we haven’t got it available here just yet, but that is just a matter of time, so get ready for listening not just to the caller at the other end but to your phone chatting as well. With all that going on maybe you’ll no longer talk in your sleep!

OK, have a look at this wonder, click here and go to full screen [click on that square icon at the right hand foot of the video frame].

You may decide you want one too.

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2 thoughts on “Chatting to your phone

  1. While I am constantly “gob-smacked” at others’ingenuity in – daily, it seems – coming up with brilliant inventions, I am saddened by my vision of people conversing with an inanimate object, rather than a human being. So many younger people have practically lost the ability to carry on an intelligent and lively conversation, using their native language fluently, and holding their listener’s interest. They are unable to LISTEN for more than a few seconds at a time! If it cannot be accessed through technology, then it is not worth bothering about!!
    Walking around Kapiti – which I do quite a lot! – I pass people who are focussed on the object in their hand, or plugged into their ears, totally oblivious to their surroundings, and missing out on everything that is in the “real” world – or “real” – as I see it!!
    I am glad I can take it or leave it, and will endeavour to master a tiny piece of the available technology I know I may have some success with. I certainly cannot do without my email and internet.

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