Partnering up to improve the safety of senior road users

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SeniorNet and the NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) have partnered up to improve the safety of senior road users. The NZTA has developed some new online resources and felt that SeniorNets’ community learning network would be a great way to raise awareness of them.

Senior DrivingFor many older people driving is a key to their independence, and many of them rely on their cars to get around – for shopping, appointments or visiting friends and family.

While older drivers don’t have as many crashes as younger drivers, if they do crash they are more at risk of being seriously injured or killed. This is due to increasing physical fragility.

The NZTA’s new education resources for senior road users include the Staying Safe online toolkit at

This website section has been designed for older drivers and provides interactive activities and information to help older drivers improve safety for themselves. They’re designed to help people maintain their independence while also staying safe on the road.

The information includes:

  • an online self assessment quiz that provides some guidance to senior road users to help them self-examine and compare their own ability with the requirements for safe-driving
    • Safe driving rules
    • Flush medians
    • Roundabouts
    • Traffic lights
    • Motorways
    • Open road driving
  • information on how to choose a safe vehicle
  • information on safe alternatives to driving including walking and cycling.

The website has simple usability, there are instructions on how to make the font larger online and navigation has been designed to be straightforward.

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